Cedar Roof Repair & Replacement

Cedar roofs are a popular choice for homeowners because of their durability and natural beauty. However, cedar can become damaged over the years from weather conditions or pests. LH Roofing offers high-quality cedar roof repair and replacement services to make sure your home’s roof is protected.

Cedar Roofs

LH Roofing are pleased to be experts in what is probably the most environmentally friendly roofing solution – attractive and durable cedar shingles.

Our highly trained team has shingled many lovely buildings across west Wiltshire, in and around towns like Westbury (where we are based), Warminster, Melksham and Trowbridge – as well as in the city of Bath.

Cedar shingles (or Western Red Cedar Shingles to be precise) are a sustainable “green” roofing choice that are particularly popular for roofing farm buildings, stables, summer houses, gazebos and church spires, but they can be used for just about any domestic or commercial roofing project. Cedar shingles are also often used as vertical cladding on the gables and walls of buildings.

Western Red Cedar is the common name for the Thuja Plicata coniferous tree, native to Canada, which can grow up to 1,500 feet tall with a trunk up to 22 feet in diameter. The trees harvested for the manufacture of cedar shingles are grown sustainably and renewably in carefully managed forests.

The shingles come in various lengths and thicknesses, and – if kiln dried – can be treated with preservatives and/or fire retardant chemicals. Their original rich, warm amber colour weathers to a silver grey over time.

There are many reasons why cedar shingles make an extremely efficient roofing material. They have outstanding rigidity, are lightweight and therefore easy to work with, and have exceptional resistance to weather and temperature extremes, including frost and hail. Western red cedar is also known for having the best thermal insulation properties among softwoods, and is certainly superior in this respect to concrete tiles. Those who like to play the drums in the attic will be pleased to note that cedar shingles also provide effective sound insulation!

Covering a roof with cedar shingles is a specialised job, which requires training and an eye for detail. The cedar shingles are individually nailed to the roofing battens in a configuration dictated by the pitch of the roof or the style of the roof structure. Because the natural oils in Western Red Cedar have a corrosive effect on ferrous metals, we use stainless steel nails and other fixings. Skill is required too for the hip and ridge roof detailing. Shingles can actually be fixed to a roof with a pitch as low as 14 degrees, making cedar roofing a good alternative to felt or rubber for a flattish roof.

LH Roofing prides itself in being recognised as a leading cedar roof installer in south west England, with a reputation not only for excellent workmanship but also for customer service. We believe in close consultation with our clients, and we reliably finish projects on time and on budget. Our roofers take great care to cause as little disruption as possible for our clients while a job is in progress.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about cedar roofing in the west Wiltshire or north-east Somerset area.

Over 24 Years of Experience

We specialise in all aspects of roofing, from roof repairs to replacement roofing. We have over 24 years of experience and a wide range of industry knowledge. We can provide simple roofing solutions or complex bespoke ones to suit.

Reliable & Professional

Whether you are looking for a reliable roofer to assist with your domestic home improvements or provide support with a large commercial project, LH Roofing can help you.

LH Roofing adhere to the codes and regulations of the Green Roof Organisation (Gro) which is the independent UK body representing the industry trade associations, manufacturers and key players within the green roofing sector.

We adhere to the codes and regulations of VELUX which means we must comply with stringent and regular checks and assessments by independent industry experts including:

  • Examination of their financial records and trading history
  • Provision of relevant documents such as public liability insurance
  • Credit checks
  • References from previous customers

VELUX are a Trustmark scheme operator, so you have the additional comfort and peace of mind that we are members of the only government-endorsed scheme for tradesmen.

We also remove feral honey bee nests from roofs and chimneys, and we have the appropriate public liability insurance to perform this work.

Locations We Serve:

  • Westbury, including Heywood, Dilton Marsh, Bratton, Edington, Erlestoke, Coulston, Chapmanslade, etc.
  • Frome, including Rudge, Nunney, Mells, Beckington, Rode, etc.
  • Trowbridge, including Yarnbrook, West Ashton, North Bradley, Steeple Ashton, Hilperton, Semington, Southwick, North Bradley, etc.
  • Warminster, including Upton Scudamore, Norton Bavant, Bishopstrow, Longbridge Deverill, etc.
  • Melksham, including Bowerhill, Redstocks, etc.
  • Bath, including Norton St Philip, Bradford-on-Avon, Freshford, Holt, etc.
  • And so on…

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