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When a tile roof is damaged, it needs to be repaired or replaced. Many people are reluctant to do this work themselves and instead hire a professional company like LH Roofing for the job.

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Roof Tiling

Most residential roofs in the UK are finished in tiles, which are the most economical and durable solution for a the most common types of pitched roofs – gabled or hip roofs.

Here at LH Roofiing we have years of experience of tiling roofs all over the county of Wiltshire, and in the nearby city of Bath. Based in Westbury, our team of professional roof tilers are used to enjoying the views from the local rooftops – something we consider one of the perks of our job!

When it comes to roof tiles most modern tiles are made of concrete, often finished to resemble more expensive and less hard-wearing traditional materials like slate, wooden shingles or clay tiles. There are two styles of tile commonly chosen for the all-important job of covering a roof – either plain tiles or interlocking tiles.

Whichever tile style is chosen for tiling a roof the LH Roofing team – just like any other roofing contractor in the UK – is required to follow a code of practice known as BS5534, which lays down standards for both the materials used for the underlay, battens, tiles and fixings when tiling a roof, but also for how the underlay and tiles are laid and fastened to the roof battens. We welcome these industry standards, which are important not only to ensure we are kept on our toes as far as our skills are concerned, but also to re-assure our clients that they will be getting a well-constructed roof, tiled with due care and consideration.

Plain tiles were the earliest form of roof tiles – fairly small, simple, rectangular tiles which have to be laid “double-lapped”. They are laid vertically with the top tiles overlapping the two below, meaning there are ultimately two layers of tile across the roof. This can make a roof heavy. Double lap tiling with plain tiles is generally used to cover steeply pitched roofs which are subject to a lot of weather-beating, nailed to the roof battens.

Interlocking tiles are much quicker and easier to lay and are larger, making them a less expensive alternative to plain tiles. The interlocking tiles are laid “single lap” fashion, each tile slotting onto the tongue-and-groove joint of the one before. Interlocking tiles come in different sizes and designs, some having curved joints, others trough-shaped joints. Expert tilers like our team at LH Roofing are able to lay single lap interlocking tiles surprisingly quickly. They are suitable for roofs with a pitch of 15 degrees and upwards.

When it comes to tiled roof maintenance, we definitely recommend that your roof be inspected at least once a year to ensure none of the tiles have been broken or dislodged by the vagaries of wind or weather. Any damaged tiles should be replaced as soon as possible, before water is able to penetrate onto the underlay and find its way into the roof structure.

On a plain tile double-lapped roof it may be necessary to remove quite a large area of tiling to replace the damage, and depending on the age of the roof it may be more practical to undertake a complete re-tiling.

It is relatively easy for a roofing expert to replace an individual interlocking tile and replace it with a new one, but care must be taken not to compromise the surrounding tiles, fixings or battens in the process.

If you are considering having your existing roof re-tiled, or are planning a new build with a tiled roof, contact LH Roofing for a detailed consultation about the best options and methods to suit your purpose.

Over 24 Years of Experience

We specialise in all aspects of roofing, from roof repairs to replacement roofing. We have over 24 years of experience and a wide range of industry knowledge. We can provide simple roofing solutions or complex bespoke ones to suit.

Reliable & Professional

Whether you are looking for a reliable roofer to assist with your domestic home improvements or provide support with a large commercial project, LH Roofing can help you.

LH Roofing adhere to the codes and regulations of the Green Roof Organisation (Gro) which is the independent UK body representing the industry trade associations, manufacturers and key players within the green roofing sector.

We adhere to the codes and regulations of VELUX which means we must comply with stringent and regular checks and assessments by independent industry experts including:

  • Examination of their financial records and trading history
  • Provision of relevant documents such as public liability insurance
  • Credit checks
  • References from previous customers

VELUX are a Trustmark scheme operator, so you have the additional comfort and peace of mind that we are members of the only government-endorsed scheme for tradesmen.

We also remove feral honey bee nests from roofs and chimneys, and we have the appropriate public liability insurance to perform this work.

Locations We Serve:

  • Westbury, including Heywood, Dilton Marsh, Bratton, Edington, Erlestoke, Coulston, Chapmanslade, etc.
  • Frome, including Rudge, Nunney, Mells, Beckington, Rode, etc.
  • Trowbridge, including Yarnbrook, West Ashton, North Bradley, Steeple Ashton, Hilperton, Semington, Southwick, North Bradley, etc.
  • Warminster, including Upton Scudamore, Norton Bavant, Bishopstrow, Longbridge Deverill, etc.
  • Melksham, including Bowerhill, Redstocks, etc.
  • Bath, including Norton St Philip, Bradford-on-Avon, Freshford, Holt, etc.
  • And so on…

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